Security Tips

Keep Your Family As Safe As Possible With Professional Locksmiths

Install deadlocks and window locks to all doors and windows to make it harder for thieves to enter.

Did you know, deadlocks and window locks are normally a prerequisite for insurance cover?

When moving home, change the combination on your locks.

When you take holidays, try to maintain a normal look to your home by installing timers on your lights so it looks like someone is there.

Keep your home visible to the street. This makes it easy for people to spot intruders.

Keep ladders and tools locked away, to make it harder for thieves to gain access.

Collaborate with your neighbours to keep a watchful eye out for each others property.

Instal a secure door chain and door viewer.

Don’t open the door to unexpected visitors.

Always collect your mail, or if you’re away, have someone collect it for you.